Kiril Dankanic

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My name is Kiril Dankanic and I am into graphic design, web design, 3d, interior and spacial design. Really love to „make things better looking“.

Everything around us is somehow affecting our universe and our perception, thinking and feelings. Good design creates emotions, and emotions inspires.


Logo design for ERP software company

Logo design for music producer and DJ – PETER PAVLOV

Logo design, corporate identity and interior design of the new office building for LALEV.

/ Corporate identity…

/ A small part of the interior…

/ Interior…

/ Interior…

/ Interior…

Logo design for a breakdance crew – ACCESSION crew.

Logo and corporate identity design for real estate agency – TOMOV properties.

Logo design for a very talented young photographer – LENS VIEW.

Logo deisgn for high class kitchen furniture producer – ALEGO | kitchen design

Logo design for the most active dance formation in Shumen – Tantsuvalnya.

Logo design for a GoPRO enthusiasts.

Logo design for photography studio – GRACEFULL FRAMES.

Webdeisgn and development for industrial ventilation company – UITKOL

Logo design for handcrafted jewelry – Angel Wish.

Logo design for a furniture company MIPA

Winning a logo contest for a robotics blog.